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    After Death - Retronomicon - CD

    After Death -  Retronomicon - CD
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    (Mike Browning, the legendary drummer and singer of MORBID ANGEL, NOCTURNUS and ACHERON,  offers a new revolutionary band that understands to combine occult magical sounds of today with the wicked feeling from his old cult-bands. A 110% professional sacrifice without any doubts and a logical, more occult coninuation of the first NOCTURNUS era. AFTER DEATH presents a  total unique, atmospheric and occult Metal soundtrack! Definitely not another ordinary release. Includes 4 different recording sessions. 70 minutes of total obscurity and magic)

    Tracks 1-4: Secret Lords Of The Star Chamber Below -demo
    Tracks 5-8: Reviving The Gods -demo
    Track 9: Consumed By Fire -demo
    Tracks 10-14: Vibrations EP


    1. The Calling / Lords of The Black Path
    2. As Below So Above
    3. The Star Chamber of Isis
    4. The Secret Cycle
    5. Birth/Death Intro
    6. 0-2
    7. Astral Staircase
    8. Reviving The Gods
    9. Consumed By Fire / Sulphur, Mercury And Salt
    10. Darkness Intro
    11. Nocturnus
    12. Jesus Will Weep Again
    13. Invocation to Cthulhu
    14. Temple of Cthulhu
    Total playing time: 01:14:32

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    Iron Pegasus Records
    Iron Pegasus Records
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