Gangrenator - Tales from a Thousand Graves - CD

Gangrenator - Tales from a Thousand Graves - CD
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(Old school Sci-fi/ Horror Death/ Grind with members from DØDHEIMSGARD, THORNS, LASERGUYS, SEXY POLICE, MANIFEST etc.)


1. Taste the Skull
2. Irradiated Renegades
3. Dr Mangler
4. Dredged Up From Below
5. Carbonised Relatives
6. Plague Dolls
7. Planet of the Graves
8. Cyclops Tribes of Inner Earth
9. Miniature Limb Collection
10. Subhuman Sacrifice
11. When Children Attack Lions
12. A Coffin Full of Hags
13. Skinner

Total playing time: 24:42

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